Thursday, August 13, 2009


You Never Know Where Money Will Come From!

I have blogged a few times about how I try to use the law of attraction in getting me more cigarettes. Well it worked for me today!

Here is my law of attraction story for today!

I was running out of cigarettes but I kept trying to keep a positive attitude about it. I had enough cigarettes to last me for the rest of the day so I just decided to enjoy the moment and enjoy the day! (Although I was secretly hoping for more cigarettes to last me at least through the weekend.)

So I go and do some grocery shopping at the supermarket and guess what happened? There was a special coupon offer for $5 off of an item and I decided to buy it just for the coupon. Well the transaction didn't work and the manager gave me $5! How is that for proof that the law of attraction works!

Of course I am going to use that $5 to buy me some cigarettes!

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